Development Roadmap

InterestTracker is in active development, as we add features based on your feedback. We make lots of small improvements regularly, but here are the main features we're working on next.

Coming Soon

  • Attendance tracking Field Testing

    Sign up interests for a specific event, check them in for each meeting, and view basic attendance reports.

  • Attendance scanning In Development

    Scan guest cards to check them in.

  • Multi-church districts Planning

    User can access more than one church account from a single login.

  • Record decisions Planning

    System for recording and reporting interest decisions.

Recently Completed

  • Assign interest to Bible worker Complete

    Church administrator can assign an interest to a specific user. Also adds a new user level option that restricts access to interests assigned to that user.

  • Custom fields Complete

    Add custom fields to your church account, and add and edit custom field data for each interest.

  • Track activity Complete

    Add activity notes to each interest, to log and view a timeline of previous contacts.

  • Tags Complete

    Tag interests with free-form labels, and sort and search by tags.

Release Notes

  • 0.8.0 - Assign interests to users

    13 May 2019
    • Admin can assign an interest to another InterestTracker user, with assignment visible in lists and interest details page.
    • New “Group Leader” user level restricts access to interests assigned to that user.
    • More fields available in the list view.
    • Improvements to AttendanceTracker for beta tests:
      • View attendance history on interest details page.
      • Keyboard shortcuts for attendance check-in.
    • Bug fixes: tags can now be deleted, and removes error on login/logout when page sits for a long time.

  • 0.7.0 - AttendanceTracker preparation

    8 Mar 2019
    • Pre-release of AttendanceTracker for beta testers.
    • Combines basic and advanced list views for more seamless experience.
    • Bug fixes: errors when searching users, tags and activities.

  • 0.6.2 - Improvements to CSV Import

    25 Jan 2019
    • Bug fix: Import CSV choked when no tag applied.
    • CSV import checks for existing record, and adds tag(s) to existing record instead of creating a new one.

  • 0.6.1

    17 Jan 2019
    • Bug fix: SQL error using in-page search of interests.
    • User can view all interests on one page without paging.

  • 0.6.0 - Custom Fields

    3 Jan 2019
    • New custom fields. Church admin can create custom fields, and users can add and edit custom field data for each interest.
    • Custom fields searchable. User can search for interests using custom fields.
    • New version numbering system. Version number is visible in the footer.

  • 0.5.0 - Map view

    27 Dec 2019
    • New map view. See pins with the location of all your interests on a map.
    • Filter map view by tags.
    • Custom activity types. Add and edit activity types for logging interest contact.