Creating your First Entry

InterestTracker is designed to make entering, editing, and recalling information for potential church interests a snap. Watch our 2 minute tutorial video. 

Here are the steps to creating your first manual entry:

1. Click Interests in the left sidebar menu, then Add New.

2. Start keying in your new interests information. 

3. You can add basic information such as name, address, phone and email. However, you can also add more specific data such as Religious Background, Age Range, Birthday and more. 

4. You can also add tags which can help you search for this interest later. Tags such as Bible Study, Visited, or VBS can help you know what this person has done. 

Note, there are no required fields. Put in as much information as you have and click Save and New or Save and Close based on your next step.

It's that easy!

InterestTracker can also allow you to import in names from previous lists or allows for automated entry through integrations. If you are using InterestGenerator from SermonView or hosting an evangelistic event that uses SermonView's website registration system, your leads will automatically get added to your account.  

Next time we'll go over how to setup your notifications so you can get the most out of InterestTracker

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Text Messaging Your Interests

Communicate with your interests by SMS text message,
using the new Text Messaging Module.


SMS/Text messages offer superior communication over email or calling.
95% of text messages are opened and read. Now you can send messages to one, some or all of your interests with one button. 

Learn More About Text Messaging