Development Roadmap

InterestTracker continues to be in active development, as we add features based on your feedback. We make lots of small improvements regularly, but here are the main features we're working on next.

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Coming Soon

  • API access In Progress

    Developers can submit new interests via an Application Programming Interface webhook.

  • Email integration Planning

    Send single or bulk emails directly from InterestTracker

  • Internationalization Planning

    Allow modification of phone numbers and addresses to be localized for non-U.S. locations.

  • Email automation Planning

    Create autoresponders and automated follow-up emails, like a drip campaign.

  • Name tags Planning

    Automatically generate name tags on guest check-in.

  • Barcode registration cards Planning

    Printed registration cards with tear-off bar codes that can be used for on-site registration. Guest can check in using the bar code on subsequent nights.

  • On-demand video player Planning

    Use the Interactive Sermon Viewer for on-demand video streams, too, and capture guest interactions through InterestTracker.

  • Church directory Planning

    Generate a church directory from your interest list and user list.

  • Mobile attendance scanning Planning

    Check in guests from any authorized mobile device.

  • Mobile app Planning

    Access the interest profile, log interactions, and view text message history for any interest.

Recently Completed

  • Wireless industry registration Complete

    Churches can register as a text message sender with the wireless industry, to improve deliverability.

  • Advanced text messagingComplete

    Merge tags for personalizing bulk text messages, and keyword-based autoresponders.

  • GeodistributionComplete

    Distribute new interests among selected churches based on geographic location, passing each interest to the physically nearest church.

  • Conference featuresComplete

    For conferences with many churches using InterestTracker™ as part of a coordinated outreach initiative, coordinators can view summary reports across the entire network and drill down to provide tailored assistance to local church users. Churches can grant access to existing accounts to selected conference-level users.

  • Bulk text interestsComplete

    Send an SMS message to all or a slice of your interests.

  • Online meeting check-inComplete

    For online meetings, guests can check-in online and attendance is automatically updated.

  • Attendance scanningComplete

    Scan guest cards to check them in.

  • Attendance tracking Complete

    Set up events, check in guests from the interest list, and generate customizable attendance reports.

Last update: 05 January 2024

Release Notes

  • 2.15.26 - Autoresponder fix

    24 Apr 2024
    • Bugfix: Automatic responses were not being sent to phone numbers that were not already associated with an existing interest record.
    • Bugfix: Output to PDF labels has been improved with more margin to better fit on 10x3 label paper like Avery 5160

  • 2.15.25 - Basic User access fix

    16 Jan 2024
    • Bugfix: Fixed obscure loophole within AttendanceTracker that allowed some Basic Users to see interests who were not assigned to them under certain conditions

  • 2.15.24 - AttendanceTracker Fix

    11 Jan 2024
    • Bugfix: Age range field would not save data when creating a new registration on the AttendanceTracker Check-in screen

  • 2.15.23 - Text Messaging Fix

    24 Oct 2023
    • Bugfix: Some newer subscribers were not able to send outbound text messages

  • 2.15.22 - AttendanceTracker Fix

    3 Oct 2023
    • Bugfix: AttendanceTracker check-in list was not loading on the check-in page when the church has a large number of custom fields.

  • 2.15.21 - Billing and Subscription Fix

    26 Sep 2023
    • Bugfix: Churches with certain types of invoices would see an error when they tried to view their Billing & Subscription page

  • 2.15.20 - Fix Billing and Subscription error

    18 Sep 2023
    • Bugfix: Some users were getting an error when attempting to view the Billing & Subscription page

  • 2.15.19 - Fix Billing and Subscription page error

    11 Sep 2023
    • Bugfix: Some churches' Billing and Subscription pages would produce an error when the Church Admin would try to view it
    • Bugfix: Some users could not see their church profile page after canceling a subscription
    • Bugfix: Some text messages were not being sent while the church's phone number was in the process of porting to a new service provider

  • 2.15.18 - Fix subscription checkout issue

    06 Sep 2023
    • Bugfix: The voucher field was missing from the checkout screen when the church already had an existing subscription
    • Changes method for sending email notifications to improve deliverability and issue visibility

  • 2.15.17 - Fix missing data issue

    31 Aug 2023
    • Bugfix: In some cases, existing interest addresses were being lost when the interest registered for another event without including their address on the form.

  • 2.15.16 - Improvements to Communication about Text Messaging Compliance

    29 Aug 2023
    • Verification can take up to several hours, so user cannot continue to Step 3, Provide Usage Details, until church registration has been verified
    • User is emailed when verification is complete, with link to finish Step 3
    • When registration comes back as unverified, displays appropriate message to user
    • User is emailed when registration is unverified, with instructions on how to proceed
    • Header notifications for text messaging compliance change based on registration status
    • User can change the phone number associated with text messaging

  • 2.15.15 - Text Messaging Improvements and Compliance

    16 Aug 2023
    • This release updates InterestTracker's text messaging service to comply with new wireless industry rules, improving deliverability and speed of text messages
    • User can register a church with the wireless carriers
    • User can submit sample messages to the wireless carriers
    • User can view previously-submitted registration and sample message details in the church's text messaging settings
    • System now uses a new text messaging service provider for new subscriptions, avoiding bottlenecks at the previous provider
    • Prepares system for porting existing numbers to the new service provider

  • 2.15.14 - Interactions fix

    14 Aug 2023
    • Bugfix: Users would sometimes get an error when trying to view their Interactions list.
    • Bugfix: Text messaging credits sometimes were not reloading at the start of the subscriber's new month.

  • 2.15.13 - Group integration tag fix

    31 July 2023
    • Bugfix: Tags created on the fly by Group Admins for group integrations were sometimes unable to be seen by Church Admins in churches that were getting geodistributed interests.

  • 2.15.12 - New User Invitations Fix

    19 July 2023
    • Bugfix: New user invitation links were expiring too soon. They are now set to expire 60 days after they are sent and the email messaging has been corrected to reflect the new time frame.

  • 2.15.11 - SMS Time Zone Fix

    6 July 2023
    • Bugfix: Scheduled texts were in Pacific time no matter the time zone of the church. SMS time zone is now driven by the time zone on the Church Profile.

  • 2.15.10 - Interest Edit Bugfix

    26 June 2023
    • Bugfix: Users were sometimes seeing an error when they would try to create or update an interest, follow-up, or offer request.

  • 2.15.9 - Scheduled Text Bugfix

    21 June 2023
    • Bugfix: Scheduled text messages to interests were not getting sent out.

  • 2.15.8 - Text Messaging Bugfix

    19 June 2023
    • Bugfix: Scheduled text messages would sometimes be repeated resulting in the interest receiving multiple instances of the same exact message.

  • 2.15.7 - User Profile Bugfix

    14 June 2023
    • Bugfix: Users would sometimes get an error when updating a user profile.

  • 2.15.6 - Import Improvements

    31 May 2023
    • With this release, we have made several minor adjustments to improve the accuracy and efficiency of InterestTracker's integrations and importing features, including geodistribution for groups.

  • 2.15.5 - CSV Import Bugfix

    14 Mar 2023
    • Bugfix: CSV Import would show error screen if a field had too many characters
    • Bugfix: Bulk edit would sometimes fail

  • 2.15.4 - CSV Import Bugfix

    1 Mar 2023
    • Bugfix: Group CSV Import would not import a record that was missing a last name.

  • 2.15.3 - Bugfixes

    27 Feb 2023
    • Bugfix: Some SMS subscriptions were not getting their credits replenished automatically on the billing date.
    • Bugfix: Users could not import a CSV file if any record had an empty last name field.

  • 2.15.2 - CSV Import Bugfix

    20 Feb 2023
    • Bugfix: Some interest records were being overwritten when a user imported a CSV file that contained an empty rows

  • 2.15.1 - Bugfixes

    2 Feb 2023
    • Bugfix: Users in Group churches were not receiving notifications for new unassigned interest added when interests were geodistributed from a Group Integration.
    • Bugfix: Some users were experiencing an error when attempting to view their Billing & Subscription page.
    • Bugfix: Scheduled interest texts were not being sent.
    • Bugfix: Some interests imported from Group Integrations were not being associated with a church.
    • Bugfix: Users were being prompted to complete a Crash Report when they attempted to text an interest that had opted out of receiving texts.

  • 2.15.0 - SMS Keywords and Autoresponders

    14 Dec 2022
    • With this release, Church Admin users can create SMS Keywords that their interests can respond to in order to get certain information automatically sent to them via text without the user having to log in and manually send a reply
    • Church Admins can customize SMS Keywords and the automatic reply from the Text Messages Menu

  • 2.14.1 - Bug Fixes and Subscription Communication Improvements

    30 Nov 2022
    • We've spent this development cycle polishing the software, removing errors and improving subscription communication.
    • Users can now turn off text forwarding notifications if they do not wish to receive them.
    • Users are now notified if their credit card payment fails. They receive an email and a message appears at the top of their screen.
    • Church Admins can no longer archive other users, only remove them from the church. This allows the user to retain access to their user account and request access to a church in the future if needed.
    • Church Admin users now have access to their Billing & Subscription page after the subscription has ended.
    • Added validation to bulk text message field to prevent erroneous merge tags from being submitted in the body of the text
    • Added User Feedback form to 500 Error page
    • Bugfix: Users whose accounts were past due could not access their Billing & Subscription page
    • Bugfix: Some users were seeing an error when they clicked the "Update Billing Details" button on their Billing & Subscription page.
    • Bugfix: Some notification emails for multi-church users were showing incorrect church names
    • Bugfix: If a phone number was moved from one interest to another, text replies from the new interest remained associated with the old interest.
    • Bugfix: The "Reset View" button on the Attendance List was not resetting the view.
    • Bugfix: Some subscriptions were erroneously initializing in trialing status
    • Bugfix: Users in Group Churches were not receiving notifications for new interests imported from group integrations.
    • Bugfix: The "Followed-up" and "New Interests" sections of the activity report were not matching the corresponding tiles
    • Bugfix: The "Check All" box on the Interest List was remaining checked after saving a bulk edit, while the records were unchecked
    • Bugfix: Users were sometimes taken into another a church their account was associated with when they refreshed the page or attempted to navigate to another page.
    • Bugfix: Some users were seeing a 500 error when they attempted to view their Billing & Subscription page
    • Bugfix: Group Admin users were sometimes getting a 500 error when they attempted to import a CSV file
    • Bugfix: An error sometimes appeared when a Church Admin tried to update another user's notification settings
    • Bugfix: Unused subscription credits were not rolling over into the next month
    • Bugfix: The "Show Delivered Offers" toggle on the Offer Request List was remaining on when users returned to the page using the back button, even though the filter had been cleared
    • Bugfix: Users were being prompted to choose a new SMS number when signing up for a new subscription that was still associated with their old number
    • Bugfix: Churches were losing access to additional credits purchased on their previous subscription

  • 2.14.0 - SMS Merge Tags

    25 Oct 2022
    • With this release, users with a Text Messaging subscription will now be able to use any field in the interest record as a merge tag in Bulk Messaging.
    • Users can now apply a Voucher Code to an existing subscription.
    • Bugfix: A warning was appearing anytime a user sorted the Interest List by "Assigned To"
    • Bugfix: Interactions from archived interests were appearing on the Interest List and produced an error when the user clicked "View"
    • Bugfix: Some users were seeing a 500 error when attempting to view their Church Profile.
    • Bugfix: Users were sometimes unable to merge interests

  • 2.13.5 - Bugfixes and Minor Improvements

    10 Oct 2022
    • Bugfix: Notification badges were sometimes not matching the list that appeared when the notification icon was clicked
    • Bugfix: Datatables warning was appearing when users attempted to sort the Interest List by "Assigned To".
    • Bugfix: Forgot password option was not sending the Password Reset email to some users.
    • Bugfix: Some Group Admins were getting a datatables warning when they attempted to change the view on the Churches List
    • Bugfix: Users were accidentally creating duplicate interactions when adding an interaction to an Interest Profile. The "Save Interaction" button is now disabled after it is clicked once, so that the action cannot be duplicated.
    • Bugfix: Church Admin users were seeing an error when they tried to update another church user's notification settings.
    • Bugfix: Text messaging credits were not being reduced properly when users entered a line break in the text.
    • Bugfix: Group Admins were able to see all users in the group when assigning an Offer Delivery
    • Bugfix: Follow-ups and Offer Requests from archived interests were appearing in the active lists and produced an error when clicked on. These are now archived with the interest.
    • Removed stray bracket from User Profile

  • 2.13.4 - Voucher System & Bugfixes

    14 Sep 2022
    • The "New Interests in the Last 30 Days" report has been retired. The "New (30 Days)" tile on the Dashboard now leads to the Activity Report, where users can scroll down to "New Interests" to see any new interests that have been added and search, sort and filter this list as needed.
    • Promo codes are now referred to as "Vouchers" on the Checkout page when signing up for a subscription.
    • The agreement on the checkout page has been updated to account for Vouchers that have been applied to the purchase.
    • Bugfix: Users were seeing a 500 error when they tried to update their notification settings or another user's notification settings.
    • Bugfix: Some users were not able to log into their account, InterestTracker did not recognize the email address
    • Bugfix: Geodistribution integrations were not saving the value typed into the Distance field.
    • Bugfix: Some users were seeing multiple instances of the notification settings on the User Profile
    • Bugfix: Notification badges were counting records from archived interests
    • Bugfix: In Group Admin mode, navigation menu text was bold and the map filter text was bold and white, making the options difficult to see
    • Security update to PDF generation packages

  • 2.13.3 - Bugfixes

    30 Aug 2022
    • Bugfix: The feedback form was producing an error when users tried to send bug reports. (Yep, we thought it ironic, too.)
    • Bugfix: Some churches were not receiving inbound text messages.
    • Bugfix: Some users were not receiving notifications of inbound text messages.
    • Bugfix: Some inbound text messages were not going into the correct list.
    • Bugfix: Users whose church did not have a subscription could not see the "Upgrade" option on their menu.
    • Bugfix: Some churches still had access to AttendanceTracker and Text Messaging features after their subscription had expired.
    • Bugfix: An error was occurring when users tried to view the Billing & Subscription page if the subscription did not have an end-date.
    • Bugfix: Users can now see the promo code details next to the appropriate line item when they are checking out.
    • Bugfix: AttendanceTracker charts were causing a server error.

  • 2.13.2 - Subscription-related Bugfixes

    24 Aug 2022
    • Bugfix: Some subscriptions were not displaying properly on the Billing & Subscription page and were missing options to update billing info and add credits.
    • Bugfix: Inbound interest texts were not appearing on the Text Messages list
    • Bugfix: Some users whose church had a subscription could not see the Billing & Subscription option on their menu
    • Bugfix: Users were seeing a 500 error when editing an existing integration
    • Bugfix: Some users were only seeing a blank screen when they attempted to view the Billing & Subscription page
    • Bugfix: Group Admins were not getting notifications for inbound user texts.
    • Bugfix: Inbound interest texts were attached to the wrong interest if the interest phone number was transferred from one interest to another

  • 2.13.1 - Subscription Improvements and Bugfixes

    18 Aug 2022
    • Church Admins no longer have the ability to sign up for an additional subscription if they already have one of each type.
    • Church Admins can no longer sign up for a Text Notifications & Support subscription if they already have a Text Messaging subscription because Text Notifications & Support is included in Text Messaging.
    • Bugfix: Some users were getting an error when they clicked on AttendanceTracker in the navigation menu.
    • Bugfix: Outbound text messages were not being saved to the Text Messages list.
    • Bugfix: Text messaging credits were not reducing properly when messages were sent.
    • Bugfix: AttendanceTracker help article was not loading properly when users attempted to view.
    • Bugfix: Users did not have access to their subscribed features if there was no end-date on their subscription.
    • Bugfix: Some users whose church had a susbcription could not see the Billing & Subscription option in their menu.
    • Bugfix: Some users were getting a 500 error when they clicked "Upgrade" on their menu.
    • Bugfix: Users were seeing a 500 error when they attempted to edit their integration settings.

  • 2.13.0 - New Subscription Features & Security Updates

    15 Aug 2022
    • Churches can now have more than one subscription with different billing cycles.
    • Users who pay for a module as part of a SermonView marketing package can now set up their subscriptions directly using a coupon code.
    • Bugfix: Church Admins were getting an error when they tried to add a new user.
    • Bugfix: Some text messages were not appearing in the Interactions list.
    • Bugfix: Orphaned records related to deleted interests were appearing on lists and produced errors when users attempted to view them. Now when an interest is permanently deleted, all associated records are deleted with that interest.

  • 2.12.6 - Bugfixes

    21 Jul 2022
    • Improved form validation: Users can no longer enter their church's SMS number or any other phone number in use by InterestTracker into their User Profile or SMS notification settings. This is to protect users with SMS notifications turned on from receiving multiple identical notifications for each reply from an interest.
    • Bugfix: Users were seeing a 500 error when they attempted to add or update an interest record
    • Bugfix: Changes to interest records were sometimes not getting saved after the user clicked update
    • Bugfix: The links in some emails from InterestTracker were not clickable
    • Bugfix: The Interest Map was showing an error message when it tried to load
    • Bugfix: Some new users were not able to see that they were connected to a church
    • Bugfix: Some new users were seeing a 500 error when they logged in
    • Bugfix: Church Admins were sometimes getting a 500 error when they attempted to view another user's profile
    • Bugfix: The "church:" query on the users list did not always find all users associated with that church
    • Bugfix: Users sometimes encountered a 500 error when viewing a Church Profile
    • Bugfix: Some users could not see the month view of their to-do calendar
    • Bugfix: Notifications were not being sent out when an offer request was edited to be assigned to another user.

  • 2.12.5 - Minor bugfixes and improvements

    5 Jul 2022
    • Group Admins can now filter the Map View by churches or interests.
    • Group Admins can now search the Interest List by phone number using the query "phone:".
    • Bugfix: User roles were getting accidentally changed. We have added a safeguard to the system to prevent this from happening.
    • Bugfix: A 500 error sometimes occurred when attempting to edit the notification settings on the User Profile.
    • Bugfix: A "Page Not Found" error occurred when attempting to view certain interactions on the Interactions list.
    • Bugfix: The "Connect to a Church" action sometimes resulted in a duplicate church being created.
    • Bugfix: Some churches had access to AttendanceTracker after their subscription had expired.

  • 2.12.4 - Minor Improvements and Bugfixes

    29 Jun 2022
    • Group Admin users now have access to map filters on the Dashboard.
    • Improved the users by church search query for Group Admin users. Users can now use the word "church:" to search, rather than the abbreviated "chr:".
    • Users can now access the "Assigned To" filter from the Archived Interests list.
    • Interactions are now sorted by time as well as date, so that most recent interactions appear at the top of the list, even if they occur on the same day.
    • Bugfix: Group Admin users were able to see tags from other churches on the Map View. These have been removed.
    • Bugfix: Some users were seeing an incorrect count of "Unfulfilled Offers" on their Activity Report

  • 2.12.3 - Minor Improvements and Bugfixes

    14 Jun 2022
    • Group Admin users now have access to additional tiles on their Dashboard: Total Interests and Total Users, which lead to their respective lists
    • Bugfix: When a user attempted to edit an AttendanceTracker event, an erroneous alert window sometimes appeared

  • 2.12.2 - Minor Improvements and Bugfixes

    9 Jun 2022
    • Users now receive notifications for user text message replies in addition to interest text message replies when they have text forwarding turned on in their user settings.
    • "Archive User" button is no longer available when viewing one's own user profile. This is to prevent users from unintentionally archiving their own account.
    • Bugfix: Users were getting a notfication that a new offer request was assigned to them when they marked an offer request as "Delivered"
    • Bugfix: Some users' notification badge number for To-Do items appeared incorrect because it was counting To-Dos for all of the churches that the user was connected with. Now it only counts the user's To-Dos from the church in which they are currently active.
    • Bugfix: Some users were getting an error when they navigate to their To-Do calendar
    • Bugfix: Group Admin was able to see to-dos from outside their group on their to-do list
    • Bugfix: Recent inbound transfers were not appearing on the New Interests in the Last 30 Days report
    • Bugfix: Some interests imported via integration were not being associated with a church
    • Bugfix: User search was not recognizing data from the "Additional Churches" column. Group Admin users can now use the method "chr:church name" to search for users by church.
    • Bugfix: Some users had more than one set of notification settings on their user profile.

  • 2.12.1 - Geodistribution for CSV Imports

    18 May 2022
    • Group Admin can now import interests from a CSV file and the interests will be distributed to the appropriate church based on their location
    • Bug fix: Users were encountering an error when trying to submit an interaction without an interaction type. Interaction type field is now a required field when entering an interaction record
    • Bug fix: CSV Import was not merging new information with existing interests that were identified as duplicates
    • Bug fix: Some churches were unable to purchase additional Text Messaging credits
    • Bug fix: Some users were showing more than once in the Church Admin users list
    • Bug fix: User in Group Admin mode could transfer interests to churches outside the group
    • Bug fix: Group Admin users list Role column was blank
    • Bug fix: Integrations were importing some interests without associating them to a church
    • Bug fix: Former Group Admins still had access to the group they were removed from until they switched to another church on their toggle menu
    • Bug fix: To-do list was not displaying all relevant records
    • Bug fix: Group Admin Assigned To filter on the Interest List was only showing users from the Group Admin’s active church
    • Bug fix: Group Admin could see users outside the group when assigning an interest to a user
    • Bug fix: AttendanceTracker check-in page action menu was hiding the "Edit" option on some interests.
    • Bug fix: Group admins with more than one group were seeing all group churches and interests on all group interest maps
    • Bug fix: Some users were seeing items on their activity report that they did not have access to

  • 2.12.0 - Geodistribution

    27 Apr 2022
    • With this release, a new system for distributing interests geographically is being released for beta testing, available to conferences and other groups of churches
    • Group Admins now have their own integration menu called "Geodistribution" where group-level integrations will be listed and can be edited
    • Group Admins can integrate with their Relevant Seminars event registration page to distribute interests to the correct church based on their location
    • Group Admins can integrate with their Direct Response Platform interest request page to distribute interests to the correct church based on their location
    • Group Admins now see only their inactive churches when they click "Inactive Churches" on the dashboard, and they can toggle the list to show all churches or just inactive churches
    • Bug fix: The "Renew Now" button in the email users receive to remind them that their subscription is about to expire was leading to a 500 error. Users are now routed to the Billing and Subscription page when they click this button
    • Bug fix: Interest import was creating a duplicate interest when the record had the same first and last name but other fields that were blank. Now the system will recognize this is the same interest
    • Bug fix: Unfulfilled offers section of activity report was showing offers for interests that are no longer in the church and clicking on them resulted in error message
    • Bug fix: User access requests were not disappearing after they were responded to
    • Bug fix: Group churches were not able to add new users
    • Bug fix: New users could be created without a role, which was causing an error

  • 2.11.0 - Group Admin Mode

    06 Apr 2022
    • Added Group Admin Mode, a new feature to help church groups. With this feature, conference and district leaders have more visibility into their church's outreach efforts.
    • Group Admins have permission to edit churches, interests, and users.
    • Group Admins have access to aggregate data and team management features, such as SMS messaging, troubleshooting, and assigning tasks.
    • Group Admins have a special group dashboard with group metrics and an upgraded interest map that shows where each church is located relative to their interests.
    • Bug fix: Removed erroneous "Create System Message" button that was appearing on some User Lists.

  • 2.10.17 - Minor AttendanceTracker Improvement

    30 Mar 2022
    • Registration number field in AttendanceTracker now accepts any combination of letters and numbers up to 255 characters

  • 2.10.16 - Bug fixes

    21 Mar 2022
    • Bug fix: Some text messaging subscriptions were not replenishing the monthly credits correctly
    • Bug fix: Some users were losing access to their previous churches when they were invited to join a new church
    • Bug fix: Some users were receiving the wrong notification email when they were invited to join a new church
    • Bug fix: To-do items for interests that had been transferred to another church were still appearing on the Activity Report
    • Bug fix: Clicking "Back to List" button on the Interest Profile was removing the "Buttons" column from the Interest List and Column Visibility Menu

  • 2.10.15 - Bug fixes

    8 Mar 2022
    • Bug fix: Users could not set up an SMS number
    • Bug fix: Some users were labeled with an incorrect role on the Users List
    • Bug fix: Second SMS Messaging Settings page was appearing on some users' navigation menu which could not be accessed by the user

  • 2.10.14 - Bug fixes

    1 Mar 2022
    • Bug fix: Some users' roles were being changed when they switched between churches
    • Bug fix: Support chat widget was blocking confirmation messages in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Support chat has now been moved to the bottom-left
    • Bug fix: Interest Image upload screen was showing erroneous text
    • Bug fix: Some users' roles were being changed when they saved their User Profile

  • 2.10.13 - Bug fixes

    23 Feb 2022
    • Bug fix: Some Church Admin users were seeing old roles for their users when viewing the Users List
    • Bug fix: ISV Offers "Move Up" and "Move Down" options showed erroneous text

  • 2.10.12 - Bug fixes

    21 Feb 2022
    • Bug fix: Some users were seeing a 500 error when attempting to access the Billing & Subscription page
    • Bug fix: Users were sometimes losing access to their original church when a second church was added

  • 2.10.11 - Minor improvements and bug fixes

    2 Feb 2022
    • Users with Coordinator role no longer receive subscription renewal emails
    • Subscription renewal emails are now sent out less frequently
    • When Church Admin users edit another user's profile, that user's role now defaults to their current role at that church
    • When a user creates a Follow-up or Offer Request from the Interest Profile, the assigned user now defaults to the user to which that interest is currently assigned
    • Bug fix: Users were receiving an error when attempting to set up a new church account
    • Bug fix: Integrations were sometimes importing duplicate interests
    • Bug fix: Offer request input was freezing when users attempted to create a new offer request from the Interest Profile
    • Bug fix: Users were sometimes getting notification emails of inbound transfers when no interests were transferred
    • Bug fix: Some users were seeing a 500 error when clicking the "Turn on Auto Renew" button on the Billing & Subscription page
    • Bug fix: Basic users were losing access to their account after their account was archived and subsequently restored
    • Bug fix: Some new users were not getting a password setup link in their welcome email
    • Bug fix: Users could not filter the Interest List by a tag that included an apostrophe

  • 2.10.10 - Speed and performance improvements

    11 Jan 2022
    • Users can now see a list of scheduled text messages to a particular interest by clicking "Scheduled Text Messages" on that interest's profile
    • "Subscribed to Newsletter" checkbox on User Profile is no longer automatically checked
    • Users can now access the text message conversation history with an interest by clicking "Send Text" or the message bubble icon next to the interest's phone number on the Interest Profile
    • Users are now automatically opted into notifications for a new interest assigned to them and inbound text messages from interests assigned to them
    • Login sessions now timeout after 8 hours of inactivity
    • Interests imported from integrations are now imported with a default interaction, even if none was indicated in the form response
    • User interface enhancements to the System Messages feature
    • Message Board feature has been renamed "System Messages" throughout the app
    • Users are automatically opted into notifications for interests they are assigned to
    • Bug fix: Scheduled text messages were not getting sent
    • Bug fix: Users were seeing an error when attempting to connect to certain churches
    • Bug fix: Users were experiencing a significant delay followed by an error when merging duplicate interests
    • Bug fix: Users were not receiving activity reports
    • Bug fix: Users were seeing an error when attempting to connect to more than 82 churches
    • Bug fix: Some users were seeing an error when choosing Show "All" on the Interest List
    • Bug fix: Transferring many interests was stopping partway through the process
    • Bug fix: Users were experiencing a significant delay followed by an error when clicking the "View Old Tabs" button on the Church Profile
    • Bug fix: New interest input was creating duplicate interests when the submit button was clicked more than once
    • Bug fix: Church Admins and Coordinators were seeing the wrong roles in their User List
    • Bug fix: Users were able to accidentally duplicate the transfer of an interest by clicking the "Transfer Interest" button more than once
    • Bug fix: Some users were not able to login intermittantly
    • Bug fix: Some users were seeing an error when viewing their Billing & Subscription page
    • Bug fix: Some users were appearing more than once in the Users List
    • Bug fix: Some users were seeing more than one set of notification settings on their profile
    • Bug fix: The login count was not accurately showing the amount of times a user has logged in

  • 2.10.9 - In-app Message Board

    15 Dec 2021
    • Users can now receive messages from InterestTracker within the app with important updates and information via the new Message Board feature
    • User can now mark all text messages for their church as "Read" with a single click
    • Church Admin users now see the name of the church that a new user has requested to join in the notification email
    • Users that have been invited to join a church see the name of the church in the notification email
    • Imported interests from integrations now import with an interaction if there was an interaction the response
    • Bug fix: Text messages to interests were not creating an interaction for that interest
    • Bug fix: Note edit form was escaping all characters after a quotation mark
    • Bug fix: Note edit form was unintentially creating duplicate notes
    • Bug fix: "Assigned To" filter on the Interest List was not filtering the list
    • Bug fix: Users can no longer send an access request to a church on behalf of another user
    • Bug fix: Date picker in bulk text messaging area was not displaying
    • Fixed typos throughout the app

  • 2.10.8 - Bug fixes and messaging clarifications

    6 Dec 2021
    • Bug fix: Users were getting an error when attempting to schedule a text message for later
    • Bug fix: Users were getting an error when attempting to transfer multiple interests at onc
    • Users who have the "New Unassigned Interest Added" notification turned on now receive a notification when new interests are transferred to their church from another church.
    • Bug fix: Some users were sometimes seeing an error when trying to view a church profile.
    • Bug fix: Some of the menu items were spilling out of the menu container.
    • Users now see consolidated view of scheduled texts and can edit a text to multiple recipients at once without having to edit each message.
    • The error message for when a user attempts to text an interest that has opted out of texts is now clear and easy to understand
    • Bug fix: Addresses were getting cut off on label print output
    • Notification of inbound text message now identifies the church the interest belongs to
    • User now has visibility of START and STOP texts when an interest opts in or out of text messaging in the conversation history
    • Bug fix: Date picker in the bulk text message area was getting cut off on mobile
    • Users can now mark all interest text messages as read with the click of a button

  • 2.10.7 - Scheduled Text Messages

    23 Nov 2021
    • Users with a Text Messaging subscription can now schedule text messages to be sent at a later time using the Bulk Message tool.
    • Links to all Text Messaging related pages have been moved into a new "Text Messaging" menu option on the main navigation menu.
    • Users who have the "New Unassigned Interest Added" notification turned on now receive a notification when an interest has been transferred into one of their churches by another user.
    • Bug fix: Some users' roles were getting deleted when they edited their profiles.
    • Bug fix: Some church accounts were losing access to the ISV for their AttendanceTracker event when they edited the event.
    • Bug fix: Some users were seeing church accounts that they were no longer connected to in their church toggle menu and User Profile.
    • Bug fix: Users were losing access to their original church when adding a second church.
    • Bug fix: Some users were seeing an error when attempting to show more than 50 interests on a page at one time.
    • Bug fix: Users were able to send duplicate bulk texts by double-clicking the "Send Message" button. This is now disabled.
    • Bug fix: Bulk text messages were not creating an interaction record on the Interest Profile.
    • Bug fix: The action menu was partially hidden on the last result in the Interest List.
    • Bug fix: When importing a CSV file, some of the records were not getting added to the Interest List and an error was occurring.
    • Fixed various typos within the app.

  • 2.10.6 - Login and user management

    1 Nov 2021
    • Users can no longer change their own roles. This prevents users from downgrading their role and orphaning a church by mistake.
    • Users can no longer archive themselves. This prevents users from accidentally locking themselves out of accessing their own account.
    • User is now redirected to the page they were trying to access after logging in, instead of the Dashboard.
    • Bug fix: Some users were experiencing loss of access to a previous church when adding a new church.
    • Bug fix: Sometimes a large DRP integration import blocked subsequent imports from happening.
    • Bug fix: Error message was appearing when users tried to interact with a list after being logged out due to inactivity. Users now see message that they have been logged out and are redirected to the login screen.
    • Bug fix: User access requests were not disappearing after they were responded to.

  • 2.10.5 - Bug fixes and user interface enhancements

    6 Oct 2021
    • Bug fix: Some users were receiving an error message when responding to an invitation to create an account
    • Bug fix: Users who had not yet connected to a church were receiving an error when logging in. Users are now able to login
    • Notification Settings area of User Profile now shows user which of their churches do not have a Text Notifications subscription
    • Users now see an alert that their text was not sent if they attempt to send a text without a phone number set up
    • Security update to underlying development framework

  • 2.10.4 - Minor improvements and bug fixes

    27 Sep 2021
    • Users now receive an alert about soon-expiring and past expired subscriptions in the application header
    • Improves processing of inbound texts when the same phone number is in both an Interest and User profile
    • Clarifies what the purpose is for selecting a text message phone number, when a new subscription is added
    • Interactive Sermon Viewer access is now associated with individual AttendanceTracker events, not the entire church account
    • Bug fix: some non-admin users had access to billing information for their church. Only visible to Church Admin-level users now.

  • 2.10.3 - User interface improvements

    13 Sep 2021
    • Users can now see the send/receive time in the Interest Texts list
    • Users can now see the send/receive date/time in the User Texts list
    • "Page Not Found" 404 errors now appear within the application's navigation frame, so the user can click and go to another page directly
    • The subscription auto-renewal link now goes directly to the payment info page
    • Users with expiring subscriptions are notified by email and, if turned on, text message
    • Bug fix: inbound replies to user texts were not appearing correctly in the user text history
    • Bug fix: the user text history list was not segmenting correctly by church
    • Bug fix: repairs lingering issues with language file references in view files
    • Bug fix: some users were not able to add a new church to their account

  • 2.10.2 - User text message history

    1 Sep 2021
    • When a user responds to a text sent from InterestTracker, system captures the response and displays it in the User Text Message history
    • Bug fix: long URL string in Interaction details broke display of interactions on an Interest profile page, preventing the user from adding a new Interaction
    • Bug fix: some users could not view their church's integrations page
    • Bug fix: some church profile pages generated a 500 error for some users
    • Bug fix: some users with legacy subscriptions were not able to access the new upgrade page
    • Bug fix: issue with how action items displayed on mobile devices
    • Bug fix: issue with how user text message history was displayed
    • Bug fix: fixes some typos and reference errors in the English language file

  • 2.10.1 - New user access requests

    12 Aug 2021
    • Church admin can see a list of users who have requested access to the church
    • Church admin can approve/deny access requests from this list
    • Church admin is notified on login when one or more access requests are pending
    • Improves user interface for adding/requesting access to a church

  • 2.10.0 - New signup and subscription systems

    10 Aug 2021
    • This release launches a simpler, smoother signup process for both users and churches
    • Unique church ID prevents duplicate church accounts from being set up without SermonView assistance
    • Church admins can now add another church to their account without SermonView assistance
    • Church signup form uses a dropdown system to select the church, and uses publicly available information to pre-populate address and phone fields
    • When user tries to create an already-existing church, user can request access to that church
    • When a church admin tries to add an existing user, that user is granted access to the new church and notified
    • Simplifies system for subscribing, upgrading and downgrading paid plans
    • Subscription plans now have annual and monthly options for every plan
    • User can now add multiple subscription plans to a church account with a single monthly/annual payment
    • User signup now requires agreement to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
    • Bug fix: changing a text messaging plan now keeps any existing topup credits
    • Bug fix: church admin can no longer archive themselves, which locked them out of the system entirely

  • 2.9.3 - Bug fix

    5 July 2021
    • Bug fix: rarely, a guest using the online check-in system couldn't provide additional details

  • 2.9.2 - Bug fixes

    5 July 2021
    • Bug fix: Some subscriptions with SMS credits not getting refreshed when monthly amount is charged to the credit card
    • Bug fix: Some inbound texts were not assigned to the correct interest
    • Improvements to error logging

  • 2.9.1 - Minor tweaks and some bug fixes

    28 June 2021
    • User can see the interest name in the new To Do Calendar items
    • Rolls out new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
    • The unique eAdventist Org Code can now be added to a church record, in preparation for a duplicate account checker
    • Bug fix: AttendanceTracker box was not visible on the Interest profile page for some subscribers
    • Bug fix: Some church admins could not create new users due to a bug introduced in the previous release

  • 2.9.0 - Text messaging to other users

    14 June 2021
    • For users with a text messaging subscription, user can now text other users directly
    • Text message system notifications now available to users with any text messaging subscription
    • Text messages to users and system notifications do not use text messaging credits
    • When an interest is assigned to a user who has not yet set up an account, an email is generated letting the user know with instructions for signing up
    • When a new interest is added, a specific date can be set as the date added, allowing older interests to have a record of when they were added to your list
    • New calendar view of upcoming follow-up items
    • CSV import now processes in the background, giving control back to user more quickly
    • eAdventist org code can now be added to a church account, in preparation for a duplicate account checker
    • Bug fix: Empty AttendanceTracker box was visible on Interest profile page even when user didn't have an AT subscription
    • Bug fix: Meeting count in Tag list was including all meetings, not just those associated with the user's church
    • Abstracts the features available to various subscription plans to allow subscribing to more than one module at once

  • 2.8.6 - Bug fixes

    17 May 2021
    • When a user who has never logged into the system is assigned an interest, they are now emailed instructions to sign up as part of the assignment notification
    • Bug fix: search box in top left was broken
    • Bug fix: some Interest, User and Church profile pages were generating 500 errors, due to lingering altnotes references
    • Bug fix: user could not save an event with a blank content URL, even if meeting-specific content URLs are used
    • Bug fix: some users could not permanently delete an interest
    • Bug fix: some users could not view their Tag list

  • 2.8.5 - Improved CSV import and support experience

    11 May 2021
    • Sends CSV import records to a queue for background processing, giving control back to the user more quickly while allowing larger CSV imports
    • Adds chat widget to app for real-time support
    • Improves messaging about offer deliveries, to clarify that user is marketing an offer as delivered, not actually delivering it
    • Church admins & coordinators will not get SMS messages forwarded to their phones if an interest is assigned to someone else
    • When a new Interest is created, system connects any existing unassiaged text messages to that interest
    • User access to a church can be removed without fully deleting that user
    • Bug fix: To Do alarm badge in header counted To Do's for archived interests
    • Bug fix: Issue with ussage count on Config:Tags page
    • Bug fix: In Interest edit screen, user could not remove religious background entirely
    • Bug fix: New Interest could not be created when multiple custom fields exist for the church

  • 2.8.4 - Improvements to notifications and text messaging, plug bug fixes

    6 Apr 2021
    • User can set a daily notification to alert via email and/or text to tasks due that day
    • Text message badge counter no longer includes outbound messages
    • Text message badge counter immediately decrements as messages are marked as read
    • In the text message list, if a message is not associated with an interest then a button to create a new interest is displayed on that list item
    • Phone numbers are now nicely formatted on the text message list
    • User can now delete a text message entirely
    • Bug fix: if same interest phone number is found in multiple church accounts, inbound text messages from that number could get assigned to the wrong interest
    • When importing a CSV, geocoding tasks are sent to a queue for completion after the import is done, improving perceived import speed for the user
    • Featured help article/video now available on user dashboard
    • Bug fix: API error when submitting new event registrations to Relevant Seminars for hybrid meetings
    • Bug fix: incorrect link for Offer Requests card on user dashboard
    • Bug fix: alarm icon did not go away when an item was completed in the To Do list
    • Bug fix: CSV imports that include the Assigned To User field failed
    • Bug fix: Offer Requests for archived interests should not be visible in the Offer Requests list
    • Bug fix: To Do's for archived interests should not be visible on the To Do list
    • Bug fix: User can't change the dates on the Interest Activity report

  • 2.8.3 - Improvements to system offers and ISV offer setup

    15 Mar 2021
    • Church admins can turn off visibility of offers to reduce clutter
    • Users can search Offer list for system-wide offers and offers created by system-wide admins
    • Interactive Sermon Viewer subscribers can now set ISV messaging defaults at the individual Offer level, speeding up setup of ISV Offers
    • Editing an existing offer request for a hidden offer includes that hidden offer in the dropdown (so the record can be updated without forcing it to be a different offer)
    • Bug fix: Datatables error when trying to limit To Do list to those assigned to a specific user
    • Bug fix: 500 error when viewing church details for churches without any subscription
    • Bug fix: Removed unread SMS messages from home dashboard for users without an SMS subscription
    • Bug fix: 500 error sometimes on home dashboard for users without an SMS subscription
    • Bug fix: 500 error sometimes when saving a new Interest Note
    • Bug fix: 500 error sometimes when saving a new Interest To Do

  • 2.8.2 - Improvements to notification messaging

    8 Mar 2021
    • Adds more prominent notifications to the dashboard, to help drive interactions
    • On To Do list, past due items are marked with a red alarm icon
    • Outbound text message are automatically marked as read
    • Viewing the text message history for an interest marks all those messages as read
    • Add Send Password Reset Email to User list, so church admins can help their users reset their passwords
    • Adds address columns to the To Do list, so church admins can assign followups by geography and addresses can be printed and exported with the To Do list
    • Bug fix: inbound text messages from numbers not associated with any existing interest were not visible in the Text Message list
    • Bug fix: broken image in printable subscription receipts
    • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

  • 2.8.1 - Improvements to online event check-in

    1 Mar 2021
    • When a guest checks in online, system adds a corresponding Relevant Seminars registration if none already exists, so future notifications are sent
    • Required form fields for online event check-in now matches the corresponding Relevant Seminars event
    • Bug fix: 500 error sometimes when trying to view an event
    • Improved form validation for Event Offers
    • Improved error logging for better troubleshooting

  • 2.8.0 - Notification badges

    25 Feb 2021
    • This release launches notification badges in InterestTracker, to make to-do's, offer requests and inbound text messages more visible and encourage more interactions with interests
    • Clicking on any of the new notification badges takes the user to the list view for that type of item
    • If there is a follow-up item assigned to you, a alarm icon in the header is activated, and a badge shows the number of to-do's
    • The To Do list highlights to-do items that need to be completed
    • The user can toggle visibility of completed To Do items
    • If there is an unfulfilled offer request, a truck icon in the header is activated, and a badge shows the number of unfulfilled offer requests
    • On the Offer Request list, unfulfilled requests are highlighted
    • The user can toggle visibility of delivered offer requests
    • For Text Messaging subscribers, if there is an unread inbound SMS message, a message icon in the header is activated, and a badge shows the number of unread text messages
    • Bug fix: in list views with selectable rows, clicking on the checkbox at the top row now correctly toggles selecting all visible rows
    • The Interactive Sermon Viewer (ISV) UI has been polished a bit more
    • For ISV events with a connected Relevant Seminars registration page, guests can share an event with friends via email and social media directly from the ISV player
    • An event logo can be uploaded and displayed in the ISV player
    • Additional guest check-in from the ISV player uses a modal box, so the video doesn't stop playing
    • Sharing the ISV URL with someone not yet checked in now redirects the guest to the check-in page
    • Checking in a new guest, on the check-in page or the ISV player, now adds unregistered guests to the corresponding event in Relevant Seminars, so they can receive notifications

  • 2.7.1 - Tweaks to new Interactive Sermon Viewer

    22 Feb 2021
    • Improves layout of ISV interaction fields with better field labels
    • Improves visibility of links in the ISV meeting description area
    • Restricts ISV interaction icon label to 2 lines with no overlow, regardless of screen size or column width
    • Adds followup 1 day later to default Prayer Request interaction
    • Improves form validation for event offers
    • Shows meeting-specific interaction overrides on the meeting list page
    • Bug fix: 500 error when some users tried to create an event
    • Bug fix: ISV previewer worked for meetings, but not overall event
    • Improves user action logging for diagnosing issues
    • User can now restrict interest searches to a specific tag only
    • Clicking on a tag in the interest list now restricts list to only interests with that tag

  • 2.7.0 - New Interactive Sermon Viewer design

    15 Feb 2021
    • This release launches a beautiful redesign of the Interactive Sermon Viewer
    • The ISV interaction option can now be customized, with up to 4 interactions available per meeting
    • Meeting-specific interactions can be set, either overriding event interaction options or adding additional ones up to 4
    • The state of the Offer Request list is saved when returning from an interest profile or other screen
    • Bug fix: follow-up and offer request notifications triggered by guest requests through the ISV player had the wrong root url in the links
    • Bug fix: users connected to a single church saw 500 error when clicking on an interest link from notification emails

  • 2.6.5 - Bug fixes and other improvements

    28 Jan 2021
    • User can assign another user to a To Do item from the action dropdown in the To Do list
    • Bug fix: visual issues with the date selection calendar on To Do bulk edit area and other locations
    • Bug fix: User could not unassign an interest from an assigned user
    • Bug fix: formatting issues of interest phone number column in the Offer Requests list
    • Bug fix: profile pictures were not displaying correctly on the Offer Requests list
    • Bug fix: 500 error when showing/creating/editing an AttendanceTracker event for some churches with an Interactive Sermon Viewer subscription

  • 2.6.4 - More useful Offer Request lists

    25 Jan 2021
    • User can view interest details directly in Offer Request list, with optional columns for interest contact info
    • User can bulk edit offers in the Offer Request list, assigning user to make delivery
    • User can bulk send SMS messages directly from the Offer Request list
    • User can bulk edit To Do list, assigning user and changing follow-up date
    • Improves mobile layout of interest profile page
    • Improves printed layout of interest profile page
    • Bug fix: user can safely delete a custom religious background

  • 2.6.2 - Bug fixes and security update

    20 Jan 2021
    • Bug fix: 500 error in some church accounts when trying to view or edit an event
    • Bug fix: some church accounts could not bulk send SMS messages
    • Bug fix: DRP/RS auto importer choked on some records missing a phone number
    • Security patch: updates framework to mitigate security advisory CVE-2021-21263

  • 2.6.1 - Improvements to Interactive Sermon Viewer and other features

    11 Jan 2021
    • Refactors UI to clarify interest flow through event check-in to external content URL or Interactive Sermon Viewer
    • Adds ability to have a meeting-specific video embed URL for the Interactive Sermon Viewer
    • Improves form validation for event and meeting settings
    • Bug fix: when a user sorts the interest list by Latest Interaction after an interaction was deleted, the sort order didn't change
    • In church settings, the timezone fields displays the default Pacific Time zone if none has been set
    • In the AttendanceTracker attendance list, user can use the not: search prefix
    • In the AttendanceTracker check-in screen, user can use the not: search prefix
    • In the user list, user can use the not: search prefix
    • Improves mobile friendliness of major InterestTracker screens
    • Bug fix: deleting a custom religious background make interests using that religious background inaccessible
    • User can rearrange columns in table views by clicking and dragging the column name
    • User can bulk add offers to interests from the interest list page
    • User can assign a tag to an offer, which gets assigned automatically to any interest that requests that offer
    • User can view how many offers use a specific tag in the tag list page
    • When an interest is assigned to someone, user can choose to reassign any unfulfilled offer deliveries to the same person
    • Bug: 500 error when generating certain AttendanceTracker PDF reports

  • 2.6.0 - Interactive Sermon Viewer

    6 Jan 2021
    • The new Interactive Sermon Viewer module (previously known as the Interactive Video Module) is now available to purchase
    • Use your own embedded live stream in the interactive player, allowing you to capture interactions with guests
    • Test your embedded video stream prior to the event using preview mode
    • User can set the timezone for the church
    • Any visible times in the system display in the church's timezone
    • CSV importing now checks for and prevents duplicate entries within the list being imported
    • Improves success messaging for interest list actions that execute via Ajax
    • Bug fix: mark Adventist now works on the Check In screen
    • Bug fix: occasional 500 error when generating attendance reports
    • Adds validation to prevent 500 errors when generating attendance reports

  • 2.5.9 - Minor UI improvements

    30 Nov 2020
    • Improves UI for bulk editing interests, including adding a spinner to indicate activity
    • Improves form validation when adding users
    • Marking an interest as Adventist now notifies the user on success without reloading the page
    • Bug fix: collision in "Assigned To" dropdown state in Interest List and Attendance List
    • Bug fix: SMS were not incrementing correctly on monthly renewal date

  • 2.5.8 - A little polishing

    23 Nov 2020
    • User can bulk add and remove tags at the same time.
    • User can bulk edit interests from Attendance List with the same functions as the Interest List.
    • Marking an interest as Adventist from the Interest List now preserves the current list view without reloading the page.
    • On meeting details page, the Attendance List at the bottom of the page pushed off the right edge of the screen on Webkit browsers.
    • On Interest List, phone numbers are now formatted like on the Interest Profile page.
    • User can reset the view settings on the Interest List and Attendance List, removing any sort or query restrictions.
    • Bug fix: when a user tried to view archived interests after being on page 2 or more of the interest list, no archived interests were visible.
    • Bug fix: on Interest List, the state of the Assigned To dropdown was not saved with the rest of the settings, forcing the user to re-select that dropdown when returning to the page.
    • Bug fix: on Attendance List, turning on Hide Adventists sometimes didn't hide them when returning to the page.

  • 2.5.7 - Better bulk editing of interests

    5 Nov 2020
    • User can now sort both interest list and attendance list by email or assigned-to name.
    • User can bulk edit religious affiliation and other interest fields
    • User can bulk assign interests to a user
    • User can bulk add tags to interests
    • User can bulk remove tags from interests
    • Church admin can select multiple archived interests to permanently delete
    • When bulk SMS messages are sent, now only one message is sent to any given phone number, even if multiple interests with the same phone number are selected
    • Bug fix: when using AttendanceTracker, some users with lots of custom fields could not load their attendance list.
    • Bug fix: merging interests also merges attendance records

  • 2.5.6 - More small improvements

    27 Oct 2020
    • When a user connected to multiple churches clicks on a notification link to go to an interest, system automatically changes the church to the interest's church.
    • The To Do list now hides completed items by default.
    • Church admin can permanently delete all archived interest records at once.
    • When importing interests, the user now gets visual feedback that something is happening, to prevent multiple submissions.
    • Fixes 500 error on check-in system in unusual edge cases
    • Adds validation when creating/updating an AttendanceTracker event, to ensure any Relevant Seminars Event ID is valid

  • 2.5.5 - Continued refinements

    15 Oct 2020
    • Interest list can now be sorted by the values in any custom field
    • Makes links in notification emails clickable, to go directly to an interest, followup or offer request
    • Bug fix: subscription receipts for zero or credit value were broken
    • Improves validation when deleting offers and other record types
    • Reduces check-in page intergration with Relevant Seminars server, to better serve larger audience sizes
    • Adds direct link to Interest List from sidebar menu, to go directly without opening the dropdown menu
    • Harmonizes some button colors
    • Refactors DRP integration to allow user to choose from a selection of offers

  • 2.5.4 - Bug fixes

    8 Oct 2020
    • Church details now shows active user count, plus any archived count, for visibility into archived users.
    • PDF Label output now has the addresses slightly lower, to better fit on 2-5/8" x 1" labels.
    • Church admins and coordinators cannot assign followups and deliveries to basic users unless the interest has been assigned to that basic user.
    • Interest list columns visible to basic users did not match those available to church admins and coordinators.
    • For basic users with access to more than one church, notification settings for user are now always visible to the user, regardless of which church the user is viewing.
    • Basic users were sometimes getting logged out of the system when switching churches, and could not log back in.
    • Notification emails now include a link to the user notification settings, to make it easier to switch to once-a-day notifications.

  • 2.5.3 - Improvements for Basic Users

    7 Oct 2020
    • Improves functionality for basic users, who can now see:
      • Interactions List
      • Offer Request List
      • To Do List
      • Activity Report
      • Map View
      • Text Messages (for users of churches subscribed to Text Messaging module)

  • 2.5.2 - Once-a-day notifications

    1 Oct 2020
    • User can choose to receive notifications one at a time, or once per day, when new interests, follow-ups or deliveries have been assigned to the user.

  • 2.5.1 - Bug fixes

    30 Sep 2020
    • This release fixes a number of minor bugs in the Interactive Video Module and online check-in system.

  • 2.5.0 - Interactive Video Module

    29 Sep 2020
    • The new Interactive Video Module is for running livestream events in a window that allows guests to communicate with you through InterestTracker.
    • Viewers can leave comments, which appear in InterestTracker as interactions.
    • Viewers can leave prayer requests, which appear as interactions and generate a to-do item.
    • Viewers can request books or other offers, which appear as offer requests.
    • Guests see friendly error page for online check-in system when an incorrect URL is used.
    • When checking in multiple guests using online check-in system, success message shows list of all checked in participants.
    • New users see better messaging in account invitation emails generated by SermonView.
    • Church admins and coordinators can assign offer requests to users prior to delivery.
    • Users are notified when an offer delivery is assigned to them, and email notifications for offer assignments are on by default.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the list of help topics from loading correctly.
    • If interest registers through Relevant Seminars and immediately tries to check in, system adds the interest to the church account immediately so additional details are not required.

  • 2.4.2 - Easier interest assignment

    17 Sep 2020
    • Church admins and coordinators can assign an interest right on the interest list page using the dropdown button for an interest.
    • Church admins and coordinators can bulk assign interests to a user.
    • Import field dropdowns use friendly field labels, rather than lowercase field names.
    • Import field dropdowns use Canadian address labels for Canadian churches
    • SermonView can create AttendanceTracker events for churches participating in coordinated start date events, and assign a streaming media feed for that event.
    • Bug fix: subscription signup system broken when coming directly from the InterestTracker website.

  • 2.4.1 - Bug fixes

    11 Sep 2020
    • Sets default notifications for existing users.
    • Bug fix: CSV import did not work after framework update.
    • Bug fix: error when trying to add SMS credits to church account.
    • Bug fix: issue with bug report form after framework update.
    • Bug fix: issue viewing bug report details.

  • 2.4.0 - More granular notification settings

    10 Sep 2020
    • User can set account to receive notifications by email or SMS.
    • User can choose to be notified when an interest is assigned, when a follow up is assigned, or when a new interest is imported via an integration.
    • Introduces Canada-friendly address fields for our friends up North.
    • Bug fix: when more than one interest record has a phone number, inbound SMS messages from that number are associated with the interest who was most recently sent a text message from the system.
    • Development framework was updated and production site was moved to serverless platform.

  • 2.3.0 - Archiving interests & launch of SMS messaging

    27 Aug 2020
    • User can archive an interest, removing the record from searches and lists.
    • User can view all archived interests.
    • User can revert archived interests to active status.
    • User can permanently delete archived interests.
    • SMS module upgrade is now available for purchase with credit card.
    • SMS forms show character count, with correct number of SMS credits being used based on message length.
    • User notified by SMS and/or email when a new interest is assigned to the user.
    • User notified by SMS and/or email when a new followup is assigned to the user.
    • Church admin can view interests assigned to a specific user.
    • Bug fix: some new interests created during event check-in were not associated with the church.
    • Bug fix: interests not associated with a church acted like "system interests," visible in all accounts.
    • Bug fix: when marketing an offer as delivered, the corresponding action was set to the date the information was entered, rather than the date it was delivered.
    • Bug fix: interest list threw error when church has lots of custom fields.

  • 2.2.0 - SMS Messaging

    7 Aug 2020
    • Deploys new paid module for SMS messaging, in preparation for public launch.
    • User can send SMS message to an interest.
    • User can bulk send SMS messages to multiple interests.
    • Response by an interest gets logged as an interaction, and added to the SMS message history.
    • User can get notifications by email and/or SMS when an interest responds to an SMS message.
    • Service includes a dedicated phone number for sending and receiving SMS messages.

  • 2.1.0 - Online meeting check-in

    31 Jul 2020
    • Adds a feature to the AttendanceTracker module which automates attendance tracking for online meetings, with a new online meeting check-in system.
    • Interest's attendance record is automatically updated when interest checks in.
    • Each event has an associated check-in page, with the link available in the event details.
    • Check-in page automatically finds and displays details about the next available meeting.
    • Check-in can be opened prior to the meeting, and closed after the meeting, with the timing configurable.
    • If check-in is not yet open, system displays a countdown timer and redirects to the check-in form when it opens.
    • If guest is not found in InterestTracker, system asks for additional information similar to Relevant Seminars pre-registration form.
    • If guest pre-registered on Relevant Seminars, and clicks the access link provided in the reminder email/text, the online check-in form pre-populates with the guest's information.
    • If there is an associated Relevant Seminars campaign, check-in screen uses the same graphics and color scheme.
    • After check-in, guest can check-in additional participants watching together.
    • Once all guests are checked in, guest is redirected to the content URL.
    • Content URL is configurable for the entire event, or set to a different URL for each meeting.

  • 2.0.1 - Bug fixes

    18 Jun 2020
    • Fixes issues with mobile layout for accounts with multiple churches and/or long user names.
    • Fixes issue with a misplaced comma and missing zip code in the PDF Label output.
    • Fixes issue with 500 error when attempting to import a CSV file.

  • 2.0.0 - AttendanceTracker Signup

    14 May 2020
    • AttendanceTracker is now publicly available to all users.
    • Church admin can sign up for an AttendanceTracker subscription, manage billing details and access past payment receipts.
    • Meeting overview shows non-Adventist checked in column to meetings and event lists.
    • Bug fix: some DRP and RS integration imports were breaking due to missing fields.
    • Clicking on address on interest profile page opens a Google map for that address.

  • 1.7.2 - SermonView integration visibility

    28 Feb 2020
    • User can now see any integrations that have been set up to automatically import interests from SermonView's Relevant Seminars pre-registration platform and Direct Response Platform for Bible study lead generation.
    • User can edit each integration description and which tags are applied to imported interests.
    • Login screen header/footer is pulled from the InterestTracker promo website, for a more seamless user experience.

  • 1.7.0 - AttendanceTracker

    27 Feb 2020
    • This update is a pre-release of the AttendanceTracker module, making it available to churches who need attendance tracking prior to launch later this year.
    • User can set up events and meetings.
    • User can data enter from registration cards, automatically checking in each guest as part of the data entry process.
    • User can quickly check in guests manually using a workflow that doesn't require a mouse.
    • User can use a barcode scanner to check in guests.
    • User can record decisions made at a meeting, using a workflow that doesn't require a mouse.
    • User can generate customized reports, tailoring which fields to display, in what order to display them, and how to sort and group the interests.
    • User can save customized report settings to generate future reports.
    • Several popular reports from Track'em are included in the report generator.
    • User can generate bar and pie charts based on various demographic and attendance data.

  • 1.6.2 - Minor UI updates

    13 Feb 2020
    • When viewing the interest list, user can hover over decision chart to see details about the interest's decisions.
    • User can completely remove a profile picture from an interest record.
    • Bug fix: age range setting in other settings wasn't actually changing the age range drop down.
    • Bug fix: Ctrl-Alt-CHAR not triggering action for some anchor link buttons.

  • 1.6.1 - List management efficiencies

    11 Feb 2020
    • User can mark an interest as Adventist without leaving the interest list using the button drop down.
    • Interactions, Notes and To Do column are now available as columns in the interest list.
    • User can add an Interaction, Decision, Note or To Do to an interest record without leaving the interest list using the button drop down.
    • User can manage subscription to the InterestTracker email list from user account settings.

  • 1.6.0 - Interest photos

    31 Jan 2020
    • User can upload a photo to use at an interest's image.
    • User can zoom and crop an interest's image after upload.
    • Interest photos are available as a column on interest lists.

  • 1.5.0 - Activity report

    27 Jan 2020
    • User can view a new activity report that shows interactions, completed to-do's, upcoming to-do's, and new interests during a specific time period.
    • User can request that a summary report be sent by email or mobile message daily, weekly or monthly.
    • User can sign up for the InterestTracker email newsletter in the user account settings.
    • User can do an inverse search for interests, using "not:" prefix. For example, a search for "John not:Smith" will show all interests with "John" in the record, but without "Smith" in the record.
    • Adds a sortable "Last Interaction" column to the interest list, allowing the user to sort interests by most recent or longest time since interaction.
    • When marking an offer as delivered, user can set a followup to do in the same action.
    • User can hide completed To Do items on the To Do list.

  • 1.4.0 - Reminder system

    19 Dec 2019
    • Add to-do items for an interest, with target follow-up date and details about the follow-up, and assign it to a user.
    • Automatically add an interaction record when a to-do item is completed.
    • View a complete list of to-do items across all interests.
    • Simplified method for adding a follow-up to-do when an offer is marked as delivered.
    • For security, only church admins may permanently delete interests.
    • Adds a new sortable column to a list of interests, Last Interaction, which shows the date of the last recorded interaction.

  • 1.3.0 - Focus on interactions

    07 Nov 2019
    • This release launches a major shift in the focus of InterestTracker, from simply maintaining your interest list to helping drive interactions with interests.
    • The Activity Log table on an interest page is now simply called Interactions.
    • Activity Types are now called Interaction Types.

  • 1.2.1 - Offer request integration with InterestGenerator™

    24 Oct 2019
    • Requests from InterestGenerator and other SermonView lead generation campaigns automatically create an offer request when the interest is created.
    • Age range and religious background are also imported from SermonView campaigns.
    • Interest tags are now visible in the interest popup bubble in map view.
    • This release also updates the software framework for security and performance improvements.

  • 1.2.0 - Offer requests and delivery tracking

    3 Oct 2019
    • User can create an offer, such as a book, DVD or magazine.
    • User can add an offer request, when an interest requests a specific offer. This can be done in the Offer Request list or right on an Interest record.
    • User can see offer requests and delivery status for each one.
    • User can mark an offer request as delivered, which also adds a line to the activity history that the item was delivered.

  • 1.1.0 - Interest list management and multi-church improvements

    24 Sep 2019
    • Custom fields can now be mapped and imported using the Interest import system.
    • User can now tag multiple interests at once.
    • User can merge duplicate Interest records.
    • User can merge duplicate Tags.
    • User can now have different roles for different churches in their account.
    • User can transfer an Interest between churches in their account.

  • 1.0.2 - Friendlier error pages and page titles

    15 Aug 2019
    • The page name and record name is now visible in the title bar of the web browser, which improves the browser history records.
    • Errors now display a friendlier error page that allows the user to submit a bug report and navigate to a different part of the site.
    • Bug fixes: Some users could not add or delete tags, decision types, and custom fields.
    • User levels have been renamed to make it more clear what their capabilities are: Church Admin, Coordinator, and Basic User. View details about capabilities on the user create/edit pages.

  • 1.0.1 - Friendlier birthday field

    24 July 2019
    • Birthday field is a single line, and can be entered with or without the year.
    • A calendar view no longer pops open to enter the birthday.
    • System attempts to parse the birthday date info, even when not in m/d/y format.
    • In lists and interest details page, birthday is presented in friendly format, e.g. January 26, 1934.
    • Bug fix: When a birthday was shown on the interest details page, it broke the formatting of the rest of the page, making Notes and Activities unusable.

  • 1.0.0 - Help system

    16 July 2019
    • Adds a searchable help system to the sidebar navigation.
    • Help system includes a getting started guide.

  • 0.9.0 - Record decisions

    15 July 2019
    • Adds ability to record decisions for an interest, with date and notes, in an interest record.
    • Decision shortcodes can be made visible in interest list views.
    • Church admin can create custom decision types.

  • 0.8.3 - Age ranges

    19 June 2019
    • Adds new age range field to interest record, with a dropdown menu to select.
    • Adds Other Settings to Config menu, with an option to use alternate age ranges to populate the dropdown.

  • 0.8.2 - One login for multiple churches

    14 June 2019
    • One user account can now be connected to more than one church.
    • Adds Google reCaptcha 2 to signup page to prevent spam signups.
    • Church admin can resend welcome email to new user.
    • Bug fix: church admins could not see each other's interest assign-to.

  • 0.8.1 - Import from DRP

    31 May 2019
    • Interests are automatically imported from SermonView's new Direct Response Platform, DRP 2.0.
    • New Religious Affiliation field for interests.

  • 0.8.0 - Assign interests to users

    13 May 2019
    • Admin can assign an interest to another InterestTracker user, with assignment visible in lists and interest details page.
    • New "Group Leader" user level restricts access to interests assigned to that user.
    • More fields available in the list view.
    • Improvements to AttendanceTracker for beta tests:
      • View attendance history on interest details page.
      • Keyboard shortcuts for attendance check-in.
    • Bug fixes: tags can now be deleted, and removes error on login/logout when page sits for a long time.

  • 0.7.0 - AttendanceTracker preparation

    8 Mar 2019
    • Pre-release of AttendanceTracker for beta testers.
    • Combines basic and advanced list views for more seamless experience.
    • Bug fixes: errors when searching users, tags and activities.

  • 0.6.2 - Improvements to CSV Import

    25 Jan 2019
    • Bug fix: Import CSV choked when no tag applied.
    • CSV import checks for existing record, and adds tag(s) to existing record instead of creating a new one.

  • 0.6.1 - All interest view

    17 Jan 2019
    • User can view all interests on one page without paging.
    • Bug fix: SQL error using in-page search of interests.

  • 0.6.0 - Custom Fields

    3 Jan 2019
    • New custom fields. Church admin can create custom fields, and users can add and edit custom field data for each interest.
    • Custom fields searchable. User can search for interests using custom fields.
    • New version numbering system. Version number is visible in the footer.

  • 0.5.0 - Map view

    27 Dec 2018
    • New map view. See pins with the location of all your interests on a map.
    • Filter map view by tags.
    • Custom activity types. Add and edit activity types for logging interest contact.

  • 0.4.0 - Initial public pre-release

    13 Sep 2018
    • User can sign up for an account.
    • User can add/edit/delete interests.
    • User can bulk import interests from a CSV file.
    • User can tag interests with custom tags.
    • Bug report system for users to submit bugs, feature requests and kudos.

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