Engaging with Interests 

Interactions, To-dos, Notes, and Offers

Adding a new interest is great, but the real power of InterestTracker begins as an interest's profile gets developed. Learn how to leverage interactions, notes and to-do's in InterestTracker to be more effective working with your interests.

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Here is a basic overview of the four engagements in any interest's profile

1. Interactions: Interactions are at the heart of the InterestTracker program. Interactions signify a point of connection between your ministry team and the interest. Whether this is a phone call, a home visit, or any other contact, an Interaction is a record of the engagement. 

To add an Interaction, enter the profile page of any interest. Scroll down the page and look for the Interactions area located below the interest's photo area. You'll see a (+) symbol for this area. Click the plus button and add your interaction.

Interactions are often created automatically from completed to-do items, completed offer deliveries, or engagement through our online Virtual Hall that churches can use to offer online meetings.

2. To-Dos: A to-do is simply a action that requires follow-up. InterestTracker makes it easy to assign actions to yourself or other members of your team (Basic users can only assign to themselves). The assigned user will receive notifications based on their settings (see last week's notification article) and once they complete the task an interaction will appear in the interest's profile. The to-do list is located below interactions on the interest profile screen. 

3. Notes:  Notes are great for information only. If you want to docuemnt a person's connection to someone else, the name of the interest's dog, or a story about their family that you want on file, a note is the perfect place. Notes ore on the right of the interaction list on the interest's profile. 

4. Offers: Offers are one of the best ways to engage with an interest. Offers use the idea of permission-based marketing. This idea suggests that when someone asks to receive something it is a great time to get in touch with them—building a bridge and starting to connect. Offers can be entered manually or can come in automatically from Bible study requests (such as InterestGenerator) or when viewers are watching a program through our virtual auditoriums. Offers are found to the right of the To-do list on the profile page. 

InterestTracker is only as good as the data entered into it. By using the four engagement areas found in a interest's profile you maximize the power of InterestTracker at building connection and relationships in your community.  

Next time we'll go over how InterestTracker can help you reach out to interests through text messaging. 


Text Messaging Your Interests

Communicate with your interests by SMS text message,
using the new Text Messaging Module.


SMS/Text messages offer superior communication over email or calling.
95% of text messages are opened and read. Now you can send messages to one, some or all of your interests with one button. 

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