Communicating with Interests 

Text Messages, Email, and Personalized Mail

Standard brand theory suggests we need to reach out to a potential interest 8 times before they will respond back. InterestTracker makes it easy for you to use the three most common, and powerful, forms of communication to keep driving engagement. 

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Communicating with your interest and guests

1. Email: Although InterestTracker does not have a built in email system, this is for your benefit. Allowing you to quickly and easily use your favorite email client allows you to email large, filtered groups of interests and still recevei all of your responses through your standard systems. However, InterestTracker does offer an easy method for buildinf and filtering your list and copying all of the email addresses to your favorite mail client with ease. The video above walks you step by step through this simple process.

2.SMS/Text: InterestTracker allows you to hold a text conversation with a single interest or send bulk messages right from the system. In this case, we give your account a single, local phone number that is used for all of your texts—regardless of the user sending them. All of the replies come right into the interest account and if your notifications are set up correctly, you can receive response notifications right to your cell phone. Due to the costs of text messaging, this is a paid feature. However, we have created to easy price levels and roll over your credits to ensure you get all of your value. A demo of hte text message system is found on the video above.

3.Mailing:  Mail can be more powerful than most people realize. Personalized or semi-personalized mail garners high connection from recipients. Sending a card to 1, 5, or 50 people is easy when you use our label output system. Filter the list, click output, and choose address label. You'll get a printable label sheet (perfect for standard Avery 5160 address labels). To learn more watch the video above or read the help article located inside your InterestTracker Account


Text Messaging Your Interests

Communicate with your interests by SMS text message,
using the new Text Messaging Module.


SMS/Text messages offer superior communication over email or calling.
95% of text messages are opened and read. Now you can send messages to one, some or all of your interests with one button. 

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