The cloud-based tool for tracking and maintaining your church's interest list. It's a complete CRM for managing your interests!
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About InterestTracker

InterestTracker is the complete online CRM for managing interactions with interests on their way to membership. It's a tool that helps pastors, Bible workers and church members track engagement with people who have come into contact with the church.

InterestTracker was developed by SermonView Evangelism Marketing to give local church leaders a powerful tool to manage the church's interest list, to be more effective in cultivating evangelistic relationships and helping interests make decisions to step closer to Jesus.

What is an interest list?

An "interest list" is simply a list of people who have connected with your church in one way or another. They may have requested a book from a national media ministry, attended a cooking school or stop smoking seminar, attended an evangelistic series, or even visited your worship service. Any time someone connects with your church, you should ask for contact information and add them to your interest list.

How is an interest list used?

Any time you have an outreach event in your community, give a personal invitation to everyone on your interest list. Make sure this list is included in any direct mail marketing you might do.

One of the most successful evangelists of our generation, Mark Finley, recommends sending an offer to your interest list every three months. He has found response rates as high as 50% when the right offer is sent to an interest list.

Why InterestTracker?

Today, many churches maintain their interest lists using a spreadsheet or text document. While this is a fine method for holding this information, it can make it difficult when multiple people need access to an ever-changing document. Furthermore, this method makes it difficult to document each contact with your interests.

InterestTracker solves this by offering an online tool for recording information about your interests. More than just a database, InterestTracker allows you to segment your list, add notes, and track activity for each interest through every interaction with your community. It's a complete CRM for managing your interests!

This interest tracker resource is FREE to Seventh-day Adventist churches in North America.

Key Benefits

  • A centralized list means every member of your outreach team always has access to the most current information.
  • Your church's interest list is available 24x7x365, anywhere you have Internet access.
  • All your interests are on a single list, no matter how they connected with your church. Worship service guests, Bible study leads, and evangelistic meeting attendees all flow into a single database, while each interest record is tagged with its source.
  • Tag your interests by source, topic, event, and any other tag that you define.
  • Quickly search the entire list by name, address, phone number, and email address—even tags and notes.
  • Each member of your team has a separate personal login to access the information, so you can see who made additions or edits.
  • Record every contact made with each interest, so you and your whole team know when and why the last contact occurred.
  • See a photo of each person on the interest profile page, pulled from publicly available social media profiles.
  • Print or export your list anytime.
  • Automatically add all attendee registrations from SermonView's event pre-registration platform, Relevant Seminars.

About SermonView Evangelism Marketing

At SermonView, we’re passionate about ministry and nerds for marketing. Our unique approach to evangelism marketing has helped produce real kingdom growth in churches throughout North America. Learn more about our unique multi-touch approach to marketing at Together, let’s grow the Kingdom!

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